Let's do this together!

Losing your hair due to chemo, alopecia, or for any other reason, can be very daunting and emotional for many. However, this needn't be a time for you to feel alone. My aim is for you to feel as comfortable and supported as possible, whilst choosing your new look in the privacy and comfort of your own home, surrounded by those you trust, whether they be family or friends.

I arrive at your home in an unmarked vehicle to maintain discretion, and then begin our appointment. Many clients are a little anxious to begin with, but soon overcome nerves to really enjoy the experience!  I have first-hand knowledge of wearing a wig myself, having lost my hair to cancer back in 2011. I now have alopecia caused by chemo...I really do understand all that you are going through!

Send me an e-mail or pick up the phone and before you know it, we'll be sharing stories, getting to know each other and selecting a beautiful wig for you that will have people regularly commenting "Your hair looks great, where do you get it done?!"


Keeping it personal

 Everybody is unique with their own particular needs. There's no one formula that fits all, and that's where I can help you. Consulting in your own home, with no pressure to purchase, is the best environment to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. You may even find yourself having a laugh or too aswell. I have seen many people where we have cried with both happy and sad tears all at the same time! I've even done the odd dance or two with excitement along with clients when they are so excited with how they feel after finding the right wig!

Wide variety to choose from

I bring a wide variety of wigs to your appointment for you to choose from. These vary in colour, style, and length. I am a wig salon on wheels, making everything easy for you! I bring you everything right to your door...wigs, shampoos, accessories....all you could possibly need.

Whether you have limited funds, if you are using insurance coverage or you simply want to splurge on yourself and get another hairstyle, you can select from wigs that will suit your style and your budget.


A Passion to Help

This is a very unique service; I don't think of people as clients, I think of them as new friends. My driving passion is to share a way of staying in control of your feelings when conditions test your resolve. I've been there and I know I can make a difference for you.

I help people by bringing my wig service to your home, but there's much more to it than that. Let's connect and you will experience first hand what so many other people have experienced already. Plus, my new friends inspire me too; another great reason for me to do this.

Simply send me a message and we will take it from there